Checking In

After 11 hours of work I went out to watch the results of the election.

I will be back later on with more, but am posting my two photos of election day morning as I walked out the door. Many of you have posted such lovely fall photos, and here are house and neighborhood wrapped in the soft fog that rolls in here when you have such warm mornings. Today it is 50 out, so I am debating sandals instead of the closed shoes I have been wearing.

I leave you my house, my neighborhood till I get some time at lunch to post more. In the meantime, off to the showers!

Patti, an Obama Mama who is proud to be an American again.


Beautiful photos Patti! Give me an e-hug Obama Mama! Whoo hoo!

We had fog here yesterday morning as well. I wondered if it was symbolic to see it clear. But it would have anyway. But still. It's dreamier to imagine it with a magical edge.

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