Doing My Part

I stopped at R and F yesterday to buy some of the iridescent encaustic paints. Larry had bought me a gold brick one year, and I wanted the silver and several others. When I looked at the catalog and saw that they were 25.00 a piece, I had to settle for silver and pewter.

I tried out my Macy's sale electric fry pan which has a large surface and worked perfectly for what I needed, and played around with a few things that I had in mind.

Today's posts are two examples of encaustic over antique photosgraphs with added antique rhinestones, which has inspired me to write another chapbook. The last one I self-produced was based upon altered photographs and called the titled of this blog, EAT MAN DRINK WATER (can be found in my pagibbons etsy shop)and is about a woman with a husband with a hunkerin for drinkin'. The next one will be titled "The Dogs Do Bark" and it will be as evil as the other. That dark Victorian morality humor. He he he.

Contrary to popular belief, I do not spend my entire life obsessing about the barking dogs. I spent some time yesterday examining how I have been doing my part to be less wasteful.

I told Larry that once we finish up those huge rolls of gift wrap that he bought, I am going to use recycled paper ie: newspaper, paper bags etc. to wrap. I have the ability to dress them up a bit to make them fun, and I see no sense in destroying trees to wrap a gift that will be torn apart and then the paper tossed into the garbage. He is not the keen on it, but he has not seen what I will do with making it appealing.

We carry recycled bags around in our car for our groceries, as well as have those nylon market bags.

I turn lights off as much as I remember, and have to start replacing my bulbs with more energy efficient ones, if Larry hasn't done it.

I combine shopping trips so that I am not always running out. Gas may be cheaper, but the source is still finite.

I am now struggling with the Christmas tree thing. For years Larry and I have bought a fresh tree, but now I will go to the farm to cut or by my own as at least I know that they are not deforesting northern Maine or Canada to procure a temporary tree for me, and they replant every year. Of course, I could always buy a plastic one, but man, that is going to be a tough battle with Larry.

We make our own laundry soap using borax, Ivory Snow, and baking soda. It seems to work well, and hopefully I am putting a lot less toxins into the earth. We try and use non toxic cleaning materials such as vinegar and baking soda, though even with Oxyclean I have a rough time getting that bathtub clean of soap scum!

I buy organic as much as I can so that I am not putting more chemicals into my body or into the earth.

I will also attempt at keeping the house colder this winter to save on gas and saving a few dollars is a nice bonus to boot. the words of John Lennon, if we all did this, how much this would do to heal the earth and slow down our rabid consumption of our precious resources, and slow down the poisoning of the earth.

Like Obama said, we all have to do our part. He needs to remind Americans of that we are indeed a selfish, greedy, consuming society, and I for one, am pretty spoiled..........but will do my part to change this!

Off to the showers for yoga, namaste!

Patti O Conservationist


annie kelleher said…
aw, that is wonderful!! i love that you make your own soap! i am addicted to rosemary essential oil as a necessary additive to the mostly organic cleaners i like to use... :) i love your pictures!!! i am about to start on my soul collage project... have you ever heard of soul collage?

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