The Thing in the Fridge

First of all, if you have never had a thing like this photo live in your fridge, skip tonight's blog. It will be of no interest to you. But I suspect that a majority have had things worthy of a horror movie living in your fridge, and might get a chuckle out of my stories.

These kind of finds terrorize me. I have told Larry he must dispose of the beast. I had a rough time photographing it, then altering it a bit in Photoshop.

It all started when I was about 7 years old. I had gone to a friend's house and we made salt dough ornaments. Lovingly. Carefully. We read that they would dry on their own, so I covered our little creations with aluminum foil and put them in my closet, away from harms way.

One day my friend called, probably a few weeks later, to ask me to bring them to her house in order to paint them. In Long Island I could never get lost as long as I followed the squares on the sidewalk, and did not cross the street. (geez, at such a young age I was aware of the difficulties and phobias I had of traveling)

I was skipping down the sidewalk, it was a bright an sunny day. I think I had my aqua poodle peddle pushers on with matching shirt, and it was one of the few moments of joy that I can recapture as a child.

I decided to peel back the foil a bit to see our creations, AND HORRORS OF ALL HORRORS! THEY WERE COVERED IN GOREY INSIDIOUS WEBS OF MYSTERIOUS SUBSTANCE! I screamed, dropped them the ground, and ran home looking like a juvenile version of the scream.

I am now 19, living with my boyfriend and brother. I make split pea soup for them for dinner. Neither one of them came home that night, and I went to bed. They went out drinking, and came home at some ungodly hour of the morning.

The next day I went to find the soup and make it for lunch.

Soup missing. Not in fridge, not on stove, not in stove. No one knew where it was or saw it on their pilgrimage to the kitchen.

A year later, we moved. I was cleaning out the apartment, and I went under the sink to pull out my cleaning supplies. Wait. There is a pot under there. I open it up AND OH MY GOD.... HAVE YOU EVER SMELLED OR SEEN SIX MONTH OLD SPLIT PEA SOUP STORED UNDER THE SINK?

Larry must clean up mysterious mess which I know is the remainder of the egg salad that he made some time ago, and shoved to the back. If he doesn't, I will put the pot outside and hope the neighbor's dog comes by and eats it. Maybe he will trip on the unidentifiable mold and think that his owners are dinner for the night.

Patti O Experiment


annie kelleher said…
LOL before we had dogs we would find stuff like that shoved in the back of the fridge all too frequently. now the puppies take care of leftovers before we have time to ferment them :).... i bet the neighbor's dog would LOVE it!!!!
Judy Vars said…
hubby puts a tablespoonfull of leftovers in the fridge no body eats it and eventually I look at it and throw it away. Mold is interesting.
Ack1!!!!! You have captured one of my dearest fears! This is how things go into Dish Rehab!

I used to have a terror thing with sprouted potatoes. They weirded me out with how they do their thing in the dark, unwatched. I'd reach my hand into a dark pantry or cabinet and FEEL the difference. Then I'd drop the bag on the floor with a yelp, throw an area rug over them so I wouldn't have to see the sight and then Phone a Friend to come dispose. Yes, I did.

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