Mission Accomplished

Today I was slow and weak at best, but I managed to fabulously frame the two pieces for Donskoj's show "We're Only in it for the Money"-Artist's examine the currant fiscal crisis.

I have decided on the titles for the two pieces, shown here unframed;"She Almost Made It", and "W's Boner". Both have political overtones of course, and you can read anything you want into it them. As a piece of interest, some of the folding that I did to the money in the pieces were taught to me by high school students, chuckling over their new found creations that came as close to origami as they would ever get.

Some people have freaked about my using real money in the artwork.

Well, if money is made with our taxes....(is it? doesn't some portion of our taxes pay for the production of money?) then it is copyright free, and I can do anything I want to it...save for reproducing it and using it as the real thing. And maybe I just made that all up. BUT IF the CIA is onto me and comes to the show, it will be one of the biggest post election news stories (I have people in places that will help me on that) and I will make Sarah Palin look like small fry. (only in America...)

On a more serious note, while sick, I watched (or rather heard in my feverish zone out) the terrorism in India unfold. What struck me deepest was Deepak Chopra's interview on CNN. He reminded us that in order to understand and perhaps stop terrorism, (if we don't understand we can't really address it now, can we?)we have to learn what it is about Muslim youth that drives them to join such religious extremist groups and do such things. Poverty, hopelessness, anger? And, he also held the U.S responsible for their own part in this (Iraq?!) and their business of dealing weapons all over the world. Hmm.... I am sure he had a lot more to say, but out of all the commentary I heard in 48 hours, that is what struck me most.

Off to bed, I have no more to give!

Patti O Common-Tator


annie kelleher said…
tits for america?!! haha i LOVE it. you are too too clever. i am so glad to hear you are on the mend... hope you are all better soon!

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