We're Only In It for the Money

We're Only in it for the Money: A Group Show. Artists examine the current fiscal crisis.

Larry picked up the show invites that have been dropped off around town for the show that I am in. The show was by invitation, and I have two of my off-color sassy pieces in it, which I posted on my Catskillpaper blog a while back. I have picked out fabulous frames and I will float the money collaged 1800's photographs onto a mat.

People wonder why art is expensive. The frames alone were 20-28.00 without glass and my time to frame it. Even though I hate it, I am grateful that a good friend taught me how to frame years ago. I can't afford to have it done. Most artists can't. I can't charge more than 100.00 for either piece, as set by the gallery. I could go the cheap route in framing, but I always frame keeping in mind that I want to be proud to hang it in my home, or give as a gift, so I do my best to present the artwork to the world.

It promises to be a fun and diverse show. The interesting thing about shows like this is to see how other artist's interpret the same theme.

I have a piece done for the ASK show too. It is really cool. I tried to photograph it, but that will have to wait until I can take it in daylight without a flash.

I must go. Most of the day was spent shopping, preparing the rooms for Megan and the children. They have been cleaned, primped, new art put upon the walls. I have one more bed to remake, and then at last I can collapse upon a pre-heated bed. My cramps are killing me, as well as my back, and tomorrow I have to work and drive to Newark and back.

Tonight's music that I am enamoured with is Avvon d'Bishmaiyaby Epiphany Project. It is sung in either Aramaic or Armenian, and is The Lord's Prayer. It is one of the most moving spiritual pieces that I have heard, along with Thich Nhat Khan's The End of Suffering. Take a moment and listen to clips from all their songs on this CD. They are amazing. We went to hear them live the other night in Woodstock in a very intimate atmosphere at the Colony Cafe. We were about 10 feet from the stage, and taken to another place with this duo and friends.



annie kelleher said…
aw, i do hope you feel better! i hope you have a wonderful show... not to mention a great visit with your daughter and grandkids... hte invitations are great! :)

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