The Bad Smell

I am back from a vampire series watch-a-thon at Lois's-On-The-Hudson in Hyde Park. She lives in a condo which overlooks woods, in the winter you can see the Amtrack train as well as hear it, and it has a view of the west side of the Hudson River.

Hyde Park is Romantic - Historic - home of FDR and Eleanor, The Vanderbilts, the Mills, and more. Lined with mansions juxtaposed with views of the Hudson.

True Blood, an HBO mini series, was riveting, and done well like so many of the HBO series I have seen. We managed to watch 5 episodes, or 5 hours worth, uncorking a Beaujolais Nouveau, and when that was done, sipped on some Cirac, the smooth French grape vodka...accompanied by popcorn, cheese and crackers.

In the morning Susan bought over coffee and bread, and we spent an hour to so knitting and crocheting in the mid morning light.

A perfect sleepover.

I came home to the continuing saga of the horrid lethal smell in my basement. For four days we have been trying to get to the bottom of it, and we ended up with the fire department and sewer engineer to diagnose the smell. It was outgassing from the fiberglass/resin liners that were being pumped in to the ancient sewer lines to strengthen them in certain parts of the city.

They came with meters and said it was ok to be in the house, but we told him that an infant, toddler and health-compromised adult were coming to stay here, never mind the two humans who have been breathing it for days. I don't trust that it is OK to smell this, and I will pursue this further. In the mean time a document is on file with the fire department that we have a problem, and the question remains as to why it is seeping in, but I hope it gets fixed soon.

It is a cold night, I have been getting the house ready for the kids, and cooking a huge pot of chicken/ginger/wild mushroom soup, and roasting acorn squash. (see photo) The house smells great and it is cozy and warm. We are busy getting the house ready for the kids, and I am actually enjoying being a housefrau for once!

Patti O Domesticator


annie kelleher said…
yumyum!!! sounds like a delightful sleepover... and how worrisome about the awful smell!!! hope your visit is splendiferous :))~~!!!
Woodstock said…
What time do you need me to stop by and taste test the soup? I have to make sure those delicious looking mushies aren't bad ones...


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