On Procrastination

I have to be honest. I am a procrastinator of things that I either don't want to do, don't like to do, or of things that I have a fear of doing. Categories include taxes, cleaning, colonoscopies, redecorating, paying bills, calling certain people, Christmas shopping, and painting on a giant white canvas.

I usually end up getting most things done in their due time, but not without meltdowns and unnecessary stress because I have left things till the last minute, or give them attention that they really don't deserve. And more than a few times it has come to bite me in the ass, usually in the way of missing out on things I really wanted to do, or in late fees, missed rebates, refunds etc.

* Those pesky art pieces that lay around half finished, not wrapped up enough to sell or even give away. This weekend I took care of a few of the "art pieces" that were potential finishes and actually finished them! I started AND finished my pieces for "We're in it for the Money" and will have a few pieces for the ASK show. I don't know if I can get it together for the 5 x 7" show at the WAAM (I first have to shell out 135.00 to join..)

* Taxes: I have gotten it together the past two years and done my taxes ON TIME, not even rushing to the PO the last night I can post them. I may have to hire one of my kids, or a student to help me (I hate doing them, so why torture myself? Besides, I can be creating while they are listing in ledgers (yeah, I still do it the old-fashioned way)

* Decorating: I have been sick of the curtains in my house for a long time. They came with the house in 1991, and it is time to replace them. I am sick of having to go store to store to look for things, only to find out that what I like is out of stock forever, or they can't provide me with enough pairs for my needs etc. But I did find Country Curtains online, I do know their quality, and though a bit pricey, I am sure I can get what I need, order swatches online to see at home, and at the click of a button order as many or as few as I need. I have started the process, and though I might spend a bit more money, it is my time that is worth money, as well as the gas $ to go searching. I do like the idea of going in somewhere, picking out fabric that I like, and say MAKE THEM FOR ME, but alas, I am not in that class of money.

* still to fix...the computer procrastination. If I am going to be truthful here, by writing this blog I am procrastinating doing some things that really need to be done.

*further procrastination is the - I am going out for a bite to eat with a friend, further putting off all the things that need to be done....

Damn....I have a long way to go, but hey I've come a long way baby.....

patti o who has to research the side effects of natural progesterone that the doctors want me to go on......as my biopsies are all clear but my hormones are so out of wack....

and the card, really has nothing to do with the blog, just made me laugh..I forgot who got that one..


annie kelleher said…
country curtains ARE pretty but pricey - i picked out stuff i liked then found the fabric and am planning to duplicate what i saw in the catalog. but... i too am a terrible procrastinator - wait, actually i think i am a very GOOD procrastinator ... so my time frame for getting them done is by next spring ;).

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