At W's Expense

I had to make art for a show that I am in. I had been percolating ideas, but until you start doing it, you really don't know where it all is going to end.

I had a great time making the pieces, but I am not sure if Jouri will like them. Laugh, yes, for sure, but hang them in the gallery? They are bad - we shall see what he is made of!(photos of the wicked pieces and commentary about show are on my Catskill Paper blog

I also made two more pieces which were jump started by the previous show pieces, and probably the act of cutting up money inspired these. I wonder if there is a market for W art.

At the very least making the art was cathartic, and I am sure that I will make a few more before I can forget about him.

Patti O Bush Wacker


annie kelleher said…
HAH!!! these are too funny!!! thanks for your kind words of support regarding my icky situation. im so glad to know im not alone in feeling i was slimed...
I think it is quite funny and art worthy!

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