It's Not Over Till It's Over

....which I found out today.

I was really weak, but one of my best friends was in town from North Carolina.
She wanted to see me and take me out to lunch. "Besides", she said, "I know you're a cheap date today".

Clear soup and a small Thai salad. And tea. Yep. Pretty cheap.

It takes me an hour to eat it all, and as we are talking I have a suspicious rumble in my guts. OH NO. NOT AGAIN.

It's not over.

But I got to see Julie, and I did eat, two wonderful things that I am thankful for.

Since I am tied to my house again, and there is no energy for the studio, I have been putting more things up on my Ebay (catskillpaper) and Etsy sites, both of which are linked here. Of course at this time of year I have to throw in a few sales pitches now and again. An artist has to do what she's gotta do.

Tonight's art is from a 1922 magazine I have on ebay for sale, called The Mentor, which has articles on the history of rare books, about Dard Hunter, the great Arts and Crafts book maker, about the history of how the tales of the Arabian Nights came to us and how they were translated and put forth into the world through books, and the images captured by various illustrators. The center fold, pictured here, is from one of the editions of the book done by the infamous Maxfield Parrish.

Bet you didn't know I was a bibliofile, did you? It has supported my art from time to time, providing me with money to buy paints, keep the studio heated etc. I have learned much over the years about illustrators, books, binders, history of printmaking, paper and ephemera. Pretty useless most of the time, except when I am junking or needing some money. I do have some pretty cool rare books, and my paper collection is pretty impressive. But that too shall someday pass into someone else's hands one way or another.

Patti O Book Case

I just cracked myself up.... I am a book case.....I am a case alright...lolol.


annie kelleher said…
better a book case than a nut case. or a fruit cake, for that matter :).

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