So Here We Are

So here we are, the night before an election - an election with a charge that has electrified the nation. McSame or Nobama. I have seen and heard it all in these many months.

I am surely tired of the negativity of what an election brings to the table, and try and focus on only positive thoughts and change. Remember the law of attraction.

So to bring in the eve before the election, I went to the video store and rented Superbad.

When I told Megan what I was renting, she replied "oh MOM, that is SO CRASS!". I laughed and said "honey, who do you think I have been teaching all these years?!"

I made dinner, invited a darling co-worker friend over, and we celebrated a Monday night with fine cuisine, some libations, and a very funny movie.

I am a sucker for such "crass" classics such as Caddyshack, Porkeys, Animal House and others, and I felt like Superbad was a continuation of the same, only a bit more updated. And I loved it. Crass, yes. Funny, absolutely. It didn't take much for me to slip back some 35 years to the world of hormones, partying, and blood brother/sister friendships that ended when the world of college started. And I was one of the nerds......

We laughed, and it was a reminder to keep everything light, in joy, and to have hope. A whole world is before us.

To a new tomorrow.....and to NOT getting screwed!

Patti O Reviewer

and PS....tomorrow our code word will be MCLOVIN!


By the powers of a McFarce movie, (and this tissue hanging out of my nose - donor of this cold anonymous)you shall be gifted one Change of Routine President by a nation of Obama Mamas. =) Go Team!
Anonymous said…
I actually got teary eyed today while voting - I think it's a mixture of hope and really dropping the filter for a moment and accepting how bad things have become in the U.S. and that we finally have a great opportunity to change it.

Superbad rocked, I love that movie,

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