I don't have much energy after a long day. Some of that is for another blog as I am going to be lazy and post a survey that I got from one of my friends. They always list me as a person likely to answer, because, well, I simply have fun doing these. I love to read things about people, and I love writing about my interesting little life.

Surveys make me think about myself and what I do; and sometimes I see a pattern that says "do some readjustments. Perhaps it will do the same for you. Have fun.

Four places that I go to over and over:
A-This is, the post office, the bank and the liquor store. (I need to liven this up a bit more!)
B- Four people who e-mail me regularly:Megan, Karen, Kip, Loel (oh but so many people do email me that it is really hard to pinpoint who and how much. My mind doesn't work like that)
C-Four of my favorite places to eat: The Armadillo, Sobroso, Le Petit Bistro, Kyoto (hmmm...I like International, wouldn't you say?)
D- Four places I would rather be right now: actually I am very happy in the here and now. But, if you are going to twist my arm, on a beach, painting in a beautiful location, in Europe, in a comfy pre-heated bed with a movie and a glass of wine.
E- Four people I think will respond:
Megan,(my dear daughter) one of the four Karens,(and I love them ALL so) Mary,(my fab hip sister) and Frannie (oh she knows how to play!)
F) Four TV shows I watch: The Weather Channel, CNN, Comedy Central, and , and........uh oh. ran out of shows. Anything educational.

Not a long survey. Just send it to a few people and see how well you really think you know them.

Single gals/guys, send this onto some people you are interested in. It could save you some interview time on the relationship end.

If nothing else, do it for fun.

Patti O Survey

PS Top photo is my promised school Halloweenie cobbed outfit, and the other is from my self portrait series. It's fun to recreate or alter oneself whether in the physical or digital world.


Anonymous said…
A: work, the woods behind my house, hannaford (yuck), yoga class (presently Sun AM)
B: Patti (got ya back) Sara, Jo and Phillip
C: this is hard, I do love to eat.....Terrapin, this great Thai restaurant on 2nd ave and 84th, The Bear (if money was no object) and Kyoto or sushi in general.
D: on the beach, Im heading to the studio but I have to pick up Natalia in 15 minutes, dancing, with friends at a great meal somewhere. (this is slightly edited since this is the internet)
E: skipping this
F: Jon Stewert, now also Rachel Maddow, CSI (the original) and I should be embarrassed but Gossip Girl

and now the gig is up
Have a Happy Birthday Weekend
Patti-cakes xxoo

Anonymous said…
Four places that I go to over and over:
A-Shoppette, Wal-Mart, crazy....
B- Four people who e-mail me regularly:What's regularly? I mostly get spam-a-lam.
C-Four of my favorite places to eat: Paperino's in Oppenheim, Germany; Pancho Villa's in Oak Grove, KY, Steak & Shake, Cold Stone Creamery
D- Four places I would rather be right now: England, Germany, Italy, and an island in the South Pacific.
E- N/A
F) Four TV shows I watch: Law & Order (all of them), House, NCIS, ER--hmm, I lean toward crime and medicine, what does this say about me? I also watch Monk, and I guess you could say that blends the two, hehe.

I LOVE your sweater!!!! You look fabulous!!

mine would be grocery store, health food store, coffee shop and breakfast place oh wait - the library ranks in there right after grocery store, as does Borders.

the rest are hard to answer. We don't eat out due to dietary sensitivities but I do enjoy Zen Palate (NYC) and Kate's Joint (NYC).

American Idol, Disney shows at night and Big Bang Theory. =)

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