More than A Muddy Cup

I started my day with strong visions from a dream. I was walking through fields of freshly plowed earth, my bare feet sinking in over my ankles with thick soft loamy mud. I woke up with the image strong in my mind, and proceeded living my day with it always on the brink of my mind. Strange how dreams can affect us all day long.

I suspect this dream was influenced by the book I was reading before I drifted off to sleep - The Poisonwood Bible. Set in the Congo in the 1960’s. it is a story about a missionary's family. It is intense and the author pulls you into the role of politics and religion during that time period. I find it very emotional for me as the obsessive religious zeal is too close to home at times. I drift off to sleep smelling the mud, feeling the dust , and smelling death.

Later today I took a trip to a local coffee place - The Muddy Cup. How appropriate to end to a day the way it began….with mud..

A new place, it is large, has lots of informal cool seating areas, and wireless Internet. No one seemed to mind that I was hanging out there and reading on the couch waiting for some friends to show up. I ordered an ice decaf, and I perused the counters looking for what I might want to eat. My eyes drifted onto a plate of bagels. One of them was coated in a thick layer of green fuzzy mold. I said to the girl “you might want to get rid of these bagels, they are moldy” and she answered “they are samples” and sure enough, written on the plastic wrap in red marker is the word SAMPLES. Moldy samples just left on the counter.

I shuddered. I decided that the drink was enough and I would never eat there.

The place was run by pleasant enough young women, but it was overly busy with young children running, fighting, pushing into our table, jumping up and down on the couches, and in the end, screaming at the top of their lungs.

I had enough, and excused my way home.

Perhaps I caught a bad time. Perhaps it is normally a quiet sort of place. I do know that I will keep searching for cool places to hang , eat, drink, and think , and the Muddy Cup is at the bottom of the list! Monkey Joe's here I come
Patti (tonight's digital photo Titled: Accidental Still Life While Painting)


Anonymous said…
when it first opened my friend Megan and I sat quietly in the back corner, and enjoyed the couches. Muddy Cup is a franchise, opening one in Kingston near Monkey Joes, in New Paltz, and Catskill. Look out Starbucks. The Mezzazine down on Broadway is a good hideaway. KiSS
Anonymous said…
Don't ever go there again. If the help is that nonchalant about the mold and the owner doesn't notice that the bagels are moldy then odds are you will get sick from anything you eat there. If you don't then congrats, you got the chamber without the bullet in it. Report them and let me know when the space becomes available?

Anonymous said…
I been there its a great place sounds like you went on a bad day, I am not making excuses for them but there are so few cool places to hang out why bash them. Kingston is void of anything.

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