Sunset Photos

I am having some difficulties with Blogger these days; I publish, and my blog does not appear. I write on an almost daily basis, though not always at the same time each day. So I am trying to fix this so that it appears!

I have said often in my blogs how I love the Hudson River. In fact, I would say that I have had quite the intimate affair with the river this year, studying its many moods, many colors, many vistas, from its deep groaning freeze of February, to its murmuring whispers on hot summer nights. Last night's photos (since the blog did not publish) were taken at sunset by Clermont; the other from the hill/mountain top vista at Olana Saturday night.

I hope to get to the Vanderbilt and to Locust Grove this week also. I painted at Wilderstein last summer, so if something has to give, it will be that.

I laid my blanket on the ground in back yard last night and once more tried to view the Perseid meteor shower. I was fortunate enough to see four meteors in spite of the ambient light from our little city. I made a few wishes....patti


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