A Very Rainy Tuesday

This week is a busy one getting ready for the wedding. Last night got my hair done-cut and highlighted. Dinner with my friends afterwards.

Today is phone calls, therapy, and I am debating as to whether or not I should drive to Poughkeepsie to do an overnight with a friend. I can't paint as it is too cold and damp and smelly, I could work in the studio, or I could visit my friend and play and go have dinner and a sleep over. After all, I did devote 10 days to Larry in a row, and he must be tired of me by now.

I don't want to bore you with the silly details of my life. How droll. I will be back soon with more exciting adventures, or musings about life.

Or about the interesting experience with EMDR therapy.

Till then, xxpatti
PS One of my strange surreal collages called "I'm Bugged". Fits with how I feel these days with all that has to be done!


Judy V. said…
Don't Bug Me is a cool surreal piece and the one of the boy on the dike? WOW show us more! Do you have prints? I look foreward to your musings and exciting adventures.

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