Yard Sale!!!

Yesterday was a long hot day. Up at 6, had Larry out at 7 to put up signs for the Yard Sale, and then to set up. There was my stuff, Megan's stuff, her grandparents stuff, and one other friend bought HER stuff! We made 150+ for the wedding, and promptly after the sale Megan went to Sam's club to pick up some of the the things she needs for the barbecue/reception. Yard sales are always fun, my friends stop by and say hi, and at the end I put out all that I did not want on my front wall. People are still stopping by to pick up things that they see, which is great. In the end I will box the remainders up and send it to the Salvation Army.

This time I only sold 1 antique print and one magnet that I made; it was not a sale for art things. Last time I did a sale I made nearly 400.00, but perhaps I had better collectibles for sale. We did move a lot of stuff, and I know I have tons more for a later sale. I don't know if I can pull another one off before the wedding; perhaps I can list stuff on etsy/ebay and give her 1/2 of the money.

We have always had to work hard for what we needed, but have no shame and don't mind doing it. Nothing has ever come easily to me without working for it, but it has taught me the ethics of hard work, appreciation for what I have, and faith that all will be ok. I am grateful for what I do have as I am richer than 90+% of the world.

I had to pay for both of my weddings myself, and friends were always generous in providing food for the pot luck dinners. Megan's fiance thinks that is tacky, so they are forced to work super hard now to try and finance this entire thing. I am not sure how they will pull it off. I will help with what I can, but our finances are limited.

I took last night's photo while eating dinner at 9 pm downtown Kingston. Live music drifted by, it was warm and the streets were bustling with people. Nice to see that in our small city. If only people would spend money on art the same way they spend money on food and booze.

I am going to my niece's 21st birthday party tonight and as part of her gift I am doing the photography. Practice for one of my possible next side lines when I retire!

till later, xxxpatti


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