The Restorative Power of Water

I had a rough start to the day. I won't get into it, but it was one of those melt down days.

Whenever I am sad or feeling stressed, I head to the studio. A bit of music, a seltzer, and some A/C made the day bearable. I spent time working on a large order, and today I forced myself to do some soldering. I find soldering a bit tedious as it is more rote rather than a creative endeavor, but at this point in time, I don't have anyone to hire to do that.

I took my break at 2:30 and laid outside for a while with my book. Within a few minutes my neighbor's car alarm went off a few times and made quite a racket for a LONG TIME.

After sweating in the sun, and trying to cool off by dripping ice water and run ice cubes over my skin, I gave up and went upstairs to my bedroom where the A/C was on and laid down for an hour nap. I had only gotten about 5 hours of sleep last night, so it was much welcomed.

I had gotten up and was walking around in a daze when Karen came by and whisked me swimming at Onteora lake, this wonderful state land with NO RULES, no ropes, as someone said, it is a "drown at your own risk" kind of place.

I don't know if it was on old quarry, but the lake is quite deep and large enough to get a really good swim in. I am not as strong a swimmer as the other women I was with, but I did manage to spend 20-30 minutes swimming steadily out into the lake.

The water was warm, a bit too warm, and I could feel myself sweating while swimming. I used to swim 1/2 a mile or more at a time many years ago, and I enjoyed being in the middle of the Catskills, with a group of women swimming the lake.

When I got out and I felt renewed. I was cooled, my muscles were warmed up and felt alive, my head was cleared, and my soul washed clean.

When Karen dropped me back home I walked into the house with a smile. I had not had one all day, which is unusual for me, but the waters purified me and made me whole again.

The photo is not of the lake that I swam in, rather of a huge kettle pond on the cape near Orleans. Now THAT I would like to check out the next time I am out there. Kyacks and rowboats, another one of my past loves.

Patti reporting from the magical mystical tour of the Catskill Mountains.


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