Only God Shall Judge Me

St. John's Episcopal Church in Ellenville is beautiful church. Constructed in the 1800's, it's interior is wood, built in the Gothic style with pointed arches, and groin/ribbed vaults. While sitting inside I felt like I was in the belly of a huge ship.

Father Jeff is the most amazing man, and led a beautiful wedding mass. Now I was raised Catholic, and was shocked to find out that I was welcome to receive communion. In the Catholic church, only Catholics without "mortal sin" may receive.

I am destined for hell as I did not get an annulment for my first marriage. I certainly qualified for on according to church rules, but I did not believe that by paying money I was making it all OK to get married in the church again.

So Bardet married us, and according to the church I am living in a state of sin, but I don't think God is closing the pearly gates, being the benevolent loving God that he is.

I felt loved and in a state of grace in that church, and for the first time in years, I received communion. I would even go to that church again, and check it out further. Too bad it is so far, but Father Jeff rocks, and I certainly believe that everything happens for a reason.

I was also glad to see that Father Jeff was married, and I met his LOVELY wife. Did you know that the ban on priests marrying in the Catholic Church stemmed from the Medieval ages and it purely a financial decision? Since disease killed so many priests, they did not want to be responsible for the support of their families!!!! If they can't marry, then you have no obligations to their family!!

Megan has a tattoo that says "Only God Can Judge Me" up her forearm. Now I am not too fond of tats in general, but they are part of her, and it is her body, and it said much of what I felt the two days I was in the church, breaking Catholic rules.

Yes indeedy, only God CAN judge me.



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