The Morning After

I just got back from brunch. A bit tired, sore from standing all day, but I have a smile of my face.

Megan's wedding was fabulous. The ceremony was beautiful as well as the church. The barbecue was wonderful in the outdoors on the edge of the woods on a mountain, in spite of the extreme heat.

It is always lovely to spent time with close friend and family in a celebration of joyful things. I think everyone had a great time.

I did not take one photo as I had too much talking and running around to do. Larry did shoot a few, so I have some for my future posts. Judi did all the photos and did an absolutely amazing job. As soon as we have them up online I will send a link!

This is a photo of Megan and Karen. Karen's daughter Zeva got married in Paris this past spring. It looked like a stage set from Titanic.

Off to a swim and barbecue, patti


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