I Surrender

I figured these images were good follow ups from the blog of the other night, as the PMS is still persisting. The first image is a digital photo I made, and the second piece is a collage I did a while ago. Come to think of it, I have not seen that piece for a long time! Where the heck is it? Did Larry steal it away and hide it so that I could not sell it?

I am on day four of no sleep, and tonight I have the beginning of a migraine which can only mean my torture is soon over. I hope.

I managed to speak to my friend Jane in New Orleans today, (Algeria to be precise) and she said her bank is still in a trailer. She was telling me that people have had to put in their copper piping three times as vagrants come and steal the copper out of the houses being rebuilt for the scrap metal. Rows still of boarded up houses. Houses with nothing but 2x4s mapping out the rooms. Very very sad. Tonight's images remind me of the horrors that New Orleans experienced..just a few short months after my glorious visit there. I don't know how to tell Jane that I don't know if I can go back.

I want to write more about grandparents, but no energy. I am having problems seeing all my pictures, and I did see them yesterday! I think blogger is also having some issues...

So till tomorrow......



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