Shelf Explosion

I feel like this should be on the emergency broadcast system, you know, the one that announces botulism in peanut butter, and lead on Dora toys. This one would be for a warning about those metal grate shelving systems that explode one day on you.

I am sitting at my computer, it is a rainy day. I am getting business done, packing up some prints from an Internet sale. I pull out an envelope from the pile on the shelf, and in the blink of an eye my 12 box shelving system explodes. Books go flying, a fur stole thrown at my face, envelopes, prints, more books, and lord knows what else collapses on top of me.

I am sitting in shock. I unbury myself, check to see if I am OK. Alright, one cut to the knee, but that is not too bad. Small bump. As I try and recover, my arm hurts, as well as my foot. The broken one. I think I just got banged up a bit and was thankful that Alanna was not standing by it. She would have been buried.

So how dangerous are these type of shelves? Just one wrong pull, one wrong twist put pressure on the entire structure, making every connection into those plastic connectors pop open.

Well, I had been wanting to move the stuff out of there. The only problem is, I have not prepared a space yet and need to now buy some kind of wood shelving unit for the spare room.

It is always something, isn't it. So much for soldering in the studio today!



Laume said…
Hi - wandered over from the AJMarketing list. I had these shelves in my kids bedrooms to make an entire wall in the middle of the room - WOW! Glad ours didn't explode. Now we use the pieces one or two units high to make more space in the bottom of closets - not much chance of them exploding in there. But I'm glad I didn't use the leftovers for bookshelves like I was going to. Thanks for the heads up - sorry you got exploded on though.

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