Buried in the Kitchen

If you wonder why so little from me, it is because we are totally caught up in working on the kitchen as well as my helping plan this bridal shower for Megan on Saturday.

I feel my world spinning out of control again. The shower, the wedding, the complications, the mini earthquakes, my son is in some trouble and worries me.

I drank too much coffee today. I need to take some deep breaths before my heart pounds out of my chest, LOL.

This is Larry with his photo lights working on the walls about 11 pm last night. I knew it was time to quit when I was getting paint all over the place, and all over me. Today we will get the second coat of primer on. I HOPE.

Off to change into my paint clothes and get the edge work done on the walls and ceiling.



Judy V. said…
Whew, you are making me tired, just breathe, sometimes life comes at once fast and furious and it's all a blessing. Thank you for blogging everyday.

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