A Magnificent Obsession

I bought a table today that I have been obsessing about ever since I saw it in the gift shop at Olana. It is from Morocco, is hand carved and painted, and the top is set with tiles.

I bought it for my back porch, which is a cozy room with a wicker chair, funky art work, and bits and pieces of Middle Eastern influence seen in the beadery of the silk pillows, a hanging lamp, a piece of cloth. Though not everything matches and is a bit eclectic, I had to get this table as a focal piece for this cozy space. The barbecue tools have got to go however...

In the winter, when backroom becomes the intermediate space between the woodpile and the fireplace, the chair and the table will go in my spare guest room which is empty save for a futon bed and a wool rug. They will face my Buddha and I will transform it into a winter meditation room. (I must buy lots of candles!)

The table was expensive, but as I thought about it, I know I will love it every day of what I have left on this earth. And, I am sure that someone will love it after me.
Put your dibs in now!

I am excited how the work on the house is coming. It is rich with color and I am working on decluttering and opening space up. I will post more pictures as things are finished.

PS Visit my Catskill Paper blog for some lovely Hudson River School type photos!


Anonymous said…
I LOVE the furniture too!!!

NICE piece.

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