A Day for the Senses

I have taken a short hiatus from writing these days. I still think about it, but I have been busy living life rather than writing about it which in turn gives me even more fodder to reflect upon and write about.

I have some local restaurant and product reviews I want to do, but after a long day I will save it.

Larry and I headed up to Olana for a picnic and to make art from 4-8. We watched and photographed the light, I sketched the landscape. (see my Catskillpaper blog for the sketches.) It was delightful to spend that time in the splendor of nature and amongst the many great spirits that walked on those grounds 100 years ago.

I think the top photo says it all for the day, and it could be titled "Sunset Picnic with Wine at Olana". The next photo is nearing sunset and Larry is taking photos, and the last one is a great shot of the sunset and lovely rosy glow of the light late the day.

I made three sketches, took many many wonderful photos and had a splendid relaxing evening, had a bottle of Smoking Loon (Cabernet), soft cheese, fresh mozzarella and tomatoes, and salad.

I don't think it gets better than that, unless of course, I am in Tuscany.

CIAO! patti


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