Why I Need A Mansion

I have not been so great at blogging these days as I have been so incredibly busy. The preparation for the wedding was intense, and it is taking me a few days to unwind from the event.

Yesterday I relaxed, had Alanna the later part of the day, so we went to my friend's house. Karen and Phil are some of the most relaxed people you could ever know, and WONDERFUL friends, and you can often find them home on a Sunday afternoon hosting a small party by their pool, which is in ground, perhaps Olympic size, and very very private. They have a trampoline which the kids LOVE, a large well groomed yard, fabulous organic vegetable gardens (which I have been caught grazing in, LOL). Quite often we get a vicious game of croquet going, and everyone brings a dish and a bottle.

After 5 hours of food, drink, pool, trampoline (hey, that is some exercise)we went home and all crashed.

I want my own mansion...complete with pool, croquet course, gardens, and out buildings. I figured I could have BIG parties, (my house is smallish), and because my mansion will have a view, I could hold weekend workshops in photographing and painting the Catskills. I could have relatives come and visit any time as I will have about 7 bedrooms for them to chose from. The house would be so big that perhaps a few friends could live there and I would have to make an appointment to see them!!

I would have my own studio, complete with turret and north light. I could paint huge canvases because the studio is huge. The walls would be covered with art as I would finally have enough wall space to show case both Larry's photographs, my art, and all the prints I have collected. Each room would have a theme, and I would spend endless hours combing the junk shops and antique stores to find things to decorate with.

Of course I have an endless supply of money and no longer have to go to work everyday, because the only thing I do is work for myself.

Here are a few photos of a mansion for sale in Catskill. River and mountain view. Adjoins sanctuary land. A woman who has been successful in her life following her dreams think we should pursue this dream.

Instead I make my home my own mansion, for that is what I can afford. But I can still dream and decorate the rooms in my mind..and if I want that river view, I will head to Clermont or Olana.

PS photos by Larry


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