The Day After

I am posting really late but that is because all of yesterday and into the wee hours of this morning was one continuous party.

Megan's bridal shower went off without a hitch. We had so much food left over, but we did manage to kill all the champagne....

Then off to Jane and Marcel's post wedding party in the country town of Philmont near Hudson NY in a fabulous 1820 Victorian home owned by a very savvy business woman who rents furniture for props, and has warehouses full of furniture from nearly every time period. She has invited us to come on a candlelight tour of the old paper mill that she bought, or the handbag factory. That will have to be for another time!

The house had three floors and I lost count of the number of bedrooms. There was a great stable behind the house, grand enough to live in. Ah to dream on about owning one of these great homes! (makes me want to get that book on how to be a millionaire as that is what I would need to buy, work on, and maintain such a home!)

Afterwards back to my girlfriend's house for a hot tub party...under the stars, with glass of champagne in hand....steam rising, and at one point the pan of Tiramisu was floating around in the hot tub, with the guys eating out of it with a spoon.

We all met up for breakfast well after noon, looking a little tired, a little ragged, but all so very happy, which is how a love fest celebration should leave one........and it was good. Patti

Photo: late afternoon of the Victorian home. I still need to buy a tripod so that I can shoot interiors and not always have to use flash!!!!


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