Cat Yoga

Quick blog while I am waiting for the pasta to cook to make Pesto Pasta for Megan's shower. Have been very busy with house, shopping, wrapping, preparing etc. for this intimate event. I think there will only be about 12 people, but I have a few gifts from friends who could not make it.

Photo taken while Larry was doing his daily yoga. My sweet cat Raphaela is joining him. Sometimes I get annoyed that he does yoga every day no matter where he is and is in such good shape from it. Been doing that for 3 years or so now, maybe longer. I think, imagine what I would look like if I did that. Never too late I guess.....

I, on the other hand, don't seem to have enough time in the day to exercise the way I want to. Most of my exercise is mental, whether I am writing or designing or making art. Well, there is house painting,cleaning, and gardening. Let me tell you, that can be tough work at times. Can I squeeze out another 1/2 hour in the day for yoga???? Hmmmmmmmmmmm....

Wild heavy storms marched through here for the second day in a row, giving us much needed rain for the gardens. My second crop of greens is popping up quite nicely with the heat from the sun and the downpours we have had. In another month or so I will be enjoying the last output from the garden. Then from November to April, a long six months, when the gardens will be dormant and empty save for the few plants and herbs that might survive part of the winter.

The daylight is dimming was pretty dark at 8pm. I become so melancholy in the late fall and winter. No sun, no gardens, no verdant green. No daughter or granddaughter to distract me. Perhaps it will be the winter that I start yoga to keep my mind and heart at peace, and my body strong, and I too can get a hug from my cats.



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