Wedding Shopping

Megan took these pictures standing on a chair in the Macy's dressing room. They are a bit harsh in color, and I look stumpy and short, but this is the dress I bought. She loved it, my sister said I look Mermaidesque in it. These photos do NOT do it justice (or me for that matter) I found a pair of lovely silverish ballet type shoes, Jessica Simpson brand (Megan knows who that is...I have only heard of her- generation gap). I think I will be OK. Not sure if a bare back is allowed in a church. I mean after all, the bride does not cover up HER dress! Well, I will see if anyone has a very sheer wrap I will borrow one in case.

I also bought her to Macy's to register for a few more gifts and we talked about the bridal shower. She has to know when it is due to her working at Mohonk, but we got the invites done, did some planning for the wedding, and then spent the afternoon making COOL yard sale signs for the neighborhood. That was the MOST fun part of the day as Megan really gets into making the signs fun, I got Dole and Alanna working on them too. I made a bunch of arrows and let Alanna color them in with crayons. Ok it looks like scribbling, but she loved it and we did too.

I spent a few hours tonight packing up some antique prints, gathering some leftover art etc. to sell. I always like to have some cool collectible and art items. You never know where it might lead, and a few people who know me will probably come right over to see what I have for collage goods and framing.

A few other people are bringing things over too to sell. Most of the proceeds are going to raise money for the wedding, and some of the art money has to go back into the business, but only to cover the cost of the materials I am selling. I hope some people come and that it is worth while. Otherwise I am donating/dumping/free cycling it etc. I can't stand the clutter. (except for the antique paper and prints-those I can sell and I don't mind dying surrounded by paper and art).

I still have not slept, my estrogen is at a peak and needs to crash so I can come back to as close to normal as I can be.




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