We are done painting the walls in the kitchen. I need to decide what color is going behind the walls of my old pine cabinets that have glass and wood doors on the front. I love the red and I also love the green, except that the green tends to get very dark at night.

Bardet says I should paint the two lower spaces green, and the two upper ones red. I have three sets of cabinets I need to do. The red kicks out brightness more than the green does, but the thought of having BOTH colors is really appealling to me.

Larry thinks I might be a bit crazy with what I am doing, I think, hell, if I really hate it, I can repaint, no? Besides 2 artists live here and we should have fun with it.

Off to think about it, and about my lovely afternoon swim under a brilliant blue sky in the woods on one of the most perfect of summer days.

Mermaiden Patti


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