Manicure Virgin

I give up. I have some great shots of Mohonk at 8:15 in the morning in the fog, looking like something from Stephen King, but for some reason the photos are really compressing horridly. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason to it either. It was surreal, beautiful, and dark on the ride there.

I had my first manicure this morning at Mohonk with Megan for the big day tomorrow. It felt decadent, and my only regret was that my swim suit was in the car and I was parked too far away for me to get it and jump in the mineral hot tub. Megan and I agreed that we will get SOME spa service so that we can spend the day up there together (she gets 1/2 off as she is still employed till the 5th!!)and we will hike, swim, spa, and just have fun.

We worked really hard afterwards setting up the club, cleaning, decorating etc.
Later the rehearsal at the church, and back to Dole's house for a bite to eat. I put tags and ribbons on near 100 bags of homemade fudge, then made a huge tin of tomato salad.

I am going to bed, as I am EXHAUSTED. Almost too tired and overwhelmed to be excited.

But, with a morning jolt of java I will be back on track and reporting from the heart of the Catskills!



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