I just got in. It is 11 pm, I have an emergency dentist appointment first thing in the morning, then have another long day tomorrow.

But I had to tell the part of the "shop class" story that I forgot last night.

The class was lame. Figures that what went on behind closed doors with a bunch of teenage boys and a teacher named Mr. Moses WOULD be lame. (though I have to say the teacher was very patient, and very very kind to me, even when I created a disturbance in the room because they boys were giving me such a hard time and I gave it right back)

The projects?! Learning how to make pads of paper (the only reason why I liked that is I could make mini sketchpads for myself), potholders (I already KNEW how to do those, and I was sick of having to help the guys do the hard part of finishing them off), making little statues out of slip molds (didn't I do that in summer crafts camp?) and model airplanes. Remember, I made at least one or more of everything that my brother made. I made everyone else's models for them.

The only thing that challenged me was the mechanical drawing portion of the class. I had to fight tooth and nail for a good grade as you had to be anal about every line drawn, and the only thing that I was anal about was anyone messing up the blanket of new snow in the backyard.

So..after I finished the shop portion of my school experience, I decided to bone up on science,.but that is for another story.

Off to bed,
The Loud Red Patrick (he was a character in a book, and my Irish family called me that at times)
PS I had such fun with this poor guy.........hahaha


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