Northeaster Headin In

I have a headache. I don't know if it is the effect of the pressure from the storm coming in, or my hormones, or both. I am out of my migraine medication, so a stint in bed for a while was in order this afternoon after I made a pot of veggie soup big enough to feed our neighborhood. It is a recipe from the Soup Bible, a book I bought in Barnes and Noble. I have had it for a year, and figured that each week I will try a new soup. (and it is a very very thick book!)

I visited Gary's mom today, and we went through photos of him so that we can make a board for the memorial next weekend. I am also going to make the cards for service, which I had done for my friend Julie's mom. I am not big on flowers at such services, and would rather provide my artistic talents as my contribution to him and his family.

I have been keeping busy, working in the studio, and on my two websites, trying to figure out how to design them, and how to upload them to my web space. So far, I am not doing too well. I designed the first page for my site, and my computer crashed and it was gone. I cried a bit, but prided myself on the fact that I did not throw the thing across the room.

It is a lot of work learning all of this, and building and maintaining a site, but I do like the challenge and the possibility of having success with the two businesses I am starting.

Last might my cousin and his wife rescued me from what was a long and tedious day by stopping by with a bottle of wine, and then we headed out to dinner. We had a GREAT time, laughed a lot, drank a bit (except for the driver of course!) and then went "shopping". What we shopped for shall remain a mystery, but it was a hoot and we all laughed like a bunch of teenage kids. THANKS JIM AND LINDA for making the bright spot in my weekend!

I am hoping I have off tomorrow because of the snow storm so that I can catch up on all that has to be done. Larry starts his classes this week, so till May I will be a professor's widow, spending three nights a week alone. I don't mind it so much, I figure I will learn Illustrator through tutorials in that time, and get my businesses off the ground!

Tonight's image is an antique postcard celebrating the Hudson Fulton..which then was its 100th year celebration...and next year is going to be its 200th! Hard to believe this mint postcard is 100 years old! Off to Ebay to list them!



annie kelleher said…
hope your headache goes away... ive had a migraine too on and off the last few days - i think this storm had a lot to do with it...nice to know i wasn't suffering alone :)
Judy Vars said…
It seems my migraines have passed they had everything to do with my hormones. Soup is my favorite thing I even bought a tureen. Yummmm

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