I am Legend

The title of the blog refers to the movie I saw tonight, not to my brief 20 seconds of fame on the wall of a gallery, though I am honored to be hanging on the the same gallery as photos by great artists such as Keith Carter.

The opening was packed, lots of people checking out both Isis's work, and the other fabulous photographers in the BMG Gallery. The gallery was in fact at one time a gallery called Photofind, run by Howard Greenburg, who has one of the biggest photography galleries and collections in NYC.

No one purchased me, alas, but I have a copy of the infamous photo which I am going to mat and frame and put next to the Ruth Bernhard over my bed.

Afterwards an after show party attended by an array of interesting people and foods.

Yet though I have no claim to fame, and am a small town artist with giant ideas, I am content to be able to do what I do, and bask in the fabulous friends that I have met along the way.

I love Larry's joke about people being "legends in their own mind". Perhaps it is not so bad to be a legend in your own little world, as long as you don't get a swelled head about it.

The movie tonight was suspenseful and had me on the edge of my seat and had too scenes with needles to keep my eyes on the screen the entire time. Will Smith does a great job, and it was an entertaining enough movie, though not in MY top 10.

Off to the bed to rest. I worked out today at the gym, and ache from the jostling of muscles that have been dormant for far too long.



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