A Slight Rant

I have not written in a few days. Just too busy and I guess my monster entry gave me my fix for a few days. Thanks Judy for the compliment on the art - it is pretty scary, but man, did I love the process of doing it and putting it out there. I think it helps let out the demons, and I KNOW there are a few readers out there who understand and can relate to the metaphors and symbolism.

I have had criticism from a few people (out of love and kindness, not out of malice) for putting some of my inner soul out on the table of words. I know the reality of the internet, the super highway of all the data you could ever hope to find on people. You can't run, you can't hide. But I also know that you can't believe everything you read either, so who's to say I am nothing more than an interesting fiction writer.

My most intense blogs have been some of the most enjoyed, and at times most controversial. I know I can be dark, but there is plenty of light to balance it out. But thanks for the thoughts friends. I know you are just concerned readers.

Now for a quick spin around on the political front, I am having a hard time finding hope. New York Primaries are tuesday and I am in a quandry and need to do some homework this weekend.

Somehow I think this is a set up by the Republicans to get another 4-8 in. Will a majority of the country vote for a woman (Bill's wife no less) or a man who is not a caucasion?

The thought of McCain and Hucakabee running the show is mortifying, worse than my dream images. But when I have to vote, who is going to best represent MY views about the war, the right to chose for a woman, same sex marriage, the economy, the environment, healh insurance and poverty in this, the most powerful and richest of countries? Can anyone help me here??

To everything there is a season, and I hope this fall will be the season to start anew. But I am having a hard time smelling the roses.

Tonight's art fits perfectly for the latter part of this blog. Called "The Lottery".
It was the one and only piece that I have sold on the internet, but then again, my work is not that accessible OR updated. That too will chance...

Patti O Rant


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