No Milk

I am sitting here in the pre-dawn hours, tired, and sipping on chamomile and vanilla tea. There is no milk in the house, and I hate black coffee, so I decided to forgo the coffee and drink tea...only thing is, this tea very well may put me back to the zone of sleep!

This week has been in incredibly blogs have been minimal, though my mind is crammed full of thoughts and stories. This morning there is no time to write, but I did want to share this "Note from the Universe".

"A master's awareness of spiritual laws, directs him or her to manifest major life changes by working with their thoughts, not by working harder.

Which isn't to say they don't sometimes work very long hours, because they do; they just don't think of it as work. Which also isn't to say that they all have cool jobs that anyone would love, because they don't; they just see every task before them, no matter where they work, as a gift to unwrap."


For those of you who are interested, you can get these "notes" every day by visiting Tut's Adventure Club, a site for those who are interested in "the power of thought and creative visualization to manifest dreams".
I love starting my day sipping my coffee (groan---I will have to wait till I make a pot at school) and reading such tidbits of inspiration.

Off to the showers---tired, but with joy. (of it being Friday with a massage after school---how nice is that?!!)



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