What Don't they Get About Driving in Winter

I travel some pretty steep windy roads on the way to work as they are shortcuts.
For 16 years I have been figuring out the quickest routes to work, and have had to alter them many times when construction crews muck up the highways and shave precious time off my carefully planned trip to work...

When the weather is too bad I stick to the main roads, but I usually take the back way as it is scenic with little traffic. The roads wind along creeks, between steep hills where the highway department has not quite figured out how to direct the flow of water that cascades from the rain, or from the periodic thaws.

Here in the Catskills, the temperatures can range from several degrees below zero, to a warm 55. With the recent thaw and temps above freezing, there has been much melting of the huge snow banks along the road. Often the early morning temperatures are below freezing, making the puddles formed by day into long runways of ice.

It never ceases to amaze me that people drive well over the speed limit in such conditions, and I watch with a grimace and a prayer how they deal with the ice at such a high speed.

Options appear to be slam on the brakes IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SLICK and sometimes spin out, hitting any variety of very bad things. Guard rails, houses, cars, and oops, sometimes land on their roof.

Some keep driving fast.

Fortunately more make it safely than not, but recently I have read a few accident reports on people not have not have not been so lucky.

And it happens over and over.

I have a four wheel drive, but that isn't going to save my little ass on ice. I drive slowly, know where the danger zones are, and creep my way though them.

My biggest fear are the drivers who don't pay attention to the hazards of winter, who might just be coming in the opposite direction towards me. I put out my force field, envision myself protected, and wave my finger at their carelessness.

May you all approach the winter's challenges with care and prudence, and may the force field be with you.

Patti O Ice


tangled stitch said…
That is such a good warning. I hope more people read it. Thanks for the heads up!

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