Visit My Catskill Paper blog

Some of you know that I run a few blogs....maybe many of you. But, for those of you who don't, and are interested in my musings in relation to art, stop on by Catskill Paper once in a while.

I don't post every day. It is difficult enough to find the time AND the energy to post on this one every day, never mind two blogs. But I have been posting whatever art finds its way to my sun room where my computer resides.

I post about marketing, inspiration, faith, rejection, whatever topic my art life inspires.

I made the banner in photoshop----it is my Etsy banner. I love the double entendre of my blog's name, and found a great antique chromolithograph card from the late 1800's.

In a flash of inspiration, I checked to see if CATSKILLPAPER.COM was available as a domain....and IT WAS! So, for 10.00 for the year, I have purchased the domain!Oh boy, another website...I see it now. Just devoted to cat ephemera and cat cards.

Donald Trump, here I come.

Chuckling on my way to dreamland, Patti


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