Monster in the Box or Prometheus Unbound

The dream that I awoke to set the stage for the day. It so inspired and stuck with me that I had to make the artwork for tonight's entry from a photo of myself. Nothing like making me look like a Goth version of The Scream. Could I make myself uglier....Peg will want to see this.

The 6 AM alarm woke me from a dream that was taking on terrifying proportions.

There was a monster, a horrid monster in a wooden crate which was bound up with ropes. It had big teeth, and the skin of a burn victim from a war. My children started making noise, and the monster awoke, scrambling about in the box. I tried to quiet them as I knew the ropes could only contain this flesh and soul eating monster for a short time before it broke loose and devoured us all.

Sounds like some Stephen King novel, but I bought it with me to my Jungian therapist whom I am in total awe of.

She explained that the dream represented both people in my life -- and myself.
My living in fear for 30 years from two men who were indeed monsters in the soul of an innocent, and my own terrors, anger, and fears, bound up deeply within myself inside of a box. I fear what will happen if they get out. The burn victim represented the damages of living in a war zone, which I indeed survived. I was dreaming in metaphors of course, and this description was quite simplified for brevitiy and perhaps my own sake.

As Peg explains it, therapy is like doing open heart surgery, it hurts, but eventually you heal. Unlike open heart surgery, it can't kill me. And, in the words of my friend and poet Stephen Mead, "We are More than Our Wounds". (visit his link to read some of his poetry and see his art)

Patti O Monster


Anonymous said…
OOMFA!! Wow, that's some heavy stuff, I hate those. I have them too sometimes and many are food related. Zombies and all that. Do you lucid dream at all? It will get better.

You could totally take that monster out now, even on a bad day. You are strong.

I'm leaving a heavy baseball bat in your subconscious. Swing true and put your hips into it.

Judy Vars said…
you are very brave to do therapy and uncover the monsters the artwork is most disturbing AND I LOVE IT! Did you drink some absenthe before bed (just kidding)

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