Cabin Fever In Alaska

I don't have much energy. I have been gone from my house for 12 plus hours, taught all day, gone to the gym, then met my mixed media MASTER friend Annie Barr for a bite to eat.

I wasn't going to write a blog, as I am so tired and don't have much energy left to think or write. I am PMS'd to the max (at least I assume that is what it is) and am not sure whether I am digging or hating the Patti Smith CD that Larry is playing in the background.

Then I visited my friend Judy Var's blog, CABIN FEVER IN ALASKA and I knew that I had something to write about---her.

I am not sure how she found my blog, but the universe hooked us up and we have become friends across the great wide US of A... I love her energy, her art, her thoughts,and her musings. She is talented, honest, and I have watched her grow in leaps and bounds.

I am sure we have been sisters in this universe at one point in time, and if we ever meet I think we will have the grandest of times. I love her, and I have never even met her. Anyone who picked up and left their life behind to live in the wilderness of Alaska has to be one spectacular person.

And, I love her art.

The photo tonight is a painting from her blog..stop on by and look at her fabulous art, and savor her honest and heartfelt writing.

Thanks for your friendship Judy...peace, joy, love and abundance to you. You are a special person.



Judy Vars said…
Hi Patti,
You are so cool to think of me that way, I am deeply flattered, you are also my good friend that lives in NY never mind we have never met thats just makes it more interesting. BTW I found your blog because I bought your book "Eat Man Drink Water" from e-bay, then I stayed. You inspire me more.....
My other blog "The Joy of Being Me" is my attempts to diet and get healthy. If I made it public I might feel some accountability to get off my ass and be consistent and that's not a bad thing.
I love you too!!!!
btw I have a blood sister named Patty.

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