Early Afternoon Musing

I just got back from my Saturday morning running around.

I have been so busy and exhausted that I did not get out of bed till 9, and have been busy handling business, cleaning, and am heading out to the studio for a bit before I have to head out to an opening.

Early in the spring I participated in a Pin Up Girl workshop with friend and photographer Charise Isis. To my surprise, she wanted to use one of the photographs in her show opening tonight in Woodstock, New York, called The Boudoir Project.

I was honored to grace a photography gallery's walls, and be part of this project. For more information email me. It is at the BMG Gallery on 12 Tannery Brook Road in Woodstock, and the show runs from today through February 18th. Opening tonight from 5-7.

Back to the focus of todays musings...As I was on line in the Post Office, I ran into an old acquaintance.

I greeted her and asked her how she was doing.

She told me how wonderfully well her children are doing in their lives, one is married, the other is in Columbia University, the other is some big shot...and her proud comment was "if the children are doing well, I am doing well".

I thought about it, and silently ruminated on how difficult my children's lives are, and replied somewhat tartly "ah, but the challenge in life is to do well even when they are NOT doing well".

Her cell phone rang, and I wished her good cheer and left.

I guess her comment hit me like those Christmas letters you get from friends and family, where all is rosy and wonderful and the cats, dogs, kids, etc. are just the most amazing creatures that ever walked the face of the earth. Mine are periodically sick, in trouble, struggling though life.

I have learned not to base my life and my happiness on my children. I am a separate being, and my joys and sorrows, though interwoven with theirs, are my own.

And, the reality of life is, that even those with the most perfect of lives, someday too crash and burn...as it is part of the learning and the path.

Patti o quip

PS the photo of me in the show is titled Miss Sylvania. I had asked that my name not be used in the title of the piece for various reasons. I had sent the photographer a handmade card (the image here) thanking her for the wonderful experience and fabulous photos she took---so when I saw her the other day, she informed me that she had used the pin up on my card as the title piece for my photo.
Ingenious!!! lol.


Judy Vars said…
Paii O quip
I'd love to see the photo she used of you for her show.
do show

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