I Will Fix You

Driving home tonight was dark and cold. I had gone to the movies with a friend to watch Juno....and I had much to think about on the quiet drive home alone.

It has been a pensive 24 hours. Therapy that rocked my world last night, and let loose a torrent of tears that have been saved for 20 years. A friend's family lost a four month old baby. A student of mine lost their two year old cousin who had lived with them in a house fire. I felt like the world was a series of earthquakes rocking all of our lives.

While I was buried in my thoughts, a Cold Play song came on...

Lights will guide you home
and ignite you bones
and I will fix you.

I thanked the universe for my therapist, for my husband, for my art---they all fix me. And in turn I try and be the light for others, and fix them.

I did take the day off. I had a headache, was tired, burnt, worn out, and needed renewal and rest. I have taken very few days off work, and I really needed a day to center myself and gather strength to keep going. I rested in the morning, then made art for a good part of the day, and tonight's piece is a collage done in encaustic, meaning that the pieces are held together with layers of molten wax and resin. I will post the appropriate pieces over the next few days. One is a bit..hmm...edgy.

Till tomorrow...Patti O Light


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