On Being the Student

I am sitting here in my back room, bundled up in layers. My computer room is surrounded by french windows which is chilly in the bitter cold of winter, and steamy in the hottest days of summer, but oh what a room full of light and comfort it is most other times. I am sipping on red wine, and eating handmade chocolates, listening to a music mix I made for Megan.

I am alone, Larry is gone for the evening, and I am enjoying the solitude and peace.

After all the sadness and emotional turmoil of the last month, it feels wonderful to say that I had a GREAT day today being a student instead of being a teacher.
I was excited...1)that I did not have to go into school and teach (it is regents week anyway, and I would just be cleaning and grading, and 2) that I was going to learn a program that I had always wanted to learn---- DREAMWEAVER.

The reality is, I LOVE being a student. I love the challenge, the mental stimulation, and consider myself a life long learner. I can understand why some just spend their entire life in college. If I had the money I would go for another Master's Degree...but I would rather spend the money on other things, and take courses here and there that I love.

I need a new version of Dreamweaver. Mine is ANCIENT..probably over 10 years old. I don't have 300.00, and I just got a 200.00 heating bill for the studio. But I do have a better understanding of the program, of meta tags and such, and look forward to building my next two websites with SOME version of the program.

So off to make some tags, and to finish some listings as I do so need the money, but I am smiling with the buzz of a nice day. Oh, and I met a really cool woman whom I went to lunch with--the universe keeps giving me gifts.

Image is an antique leather postcard I listed on Etsy..or will list in a few!


Anonymous said…
I thought you were getting a copy?

If you still need it, I still have DreamweaverCS on my laptop. Delivery available upon request.

annie kelleher said…
loved the image!

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