Go Google Yourself

After a long day, a good workout, a bite to eat, I went home to work for a bit, then headed to the attic to look for old photos of myself as a child and teen. I wanted to write an article about high schools days, probably prompted by my recent viewing of the movie Juno and those constant emails about "THREE PEOPLE HAVE SEARCHED FOR YOU ON HIGH SCHOOL REUNION.COM.

I had a bit of a panic attack when I saw how many bookcases and how much ephemera that Larry has shoved into every nook and cranny in the attic. I was beginning to feel like I was married to one of the Collyer Brothers. I fear that the floor will collapse under the weight of all the paper, and we shall die in bed killed by a ton of books.

I found one photo album, the part of my life that was one of the most awful times.I felt sad while I paged through it, remembering how heartbroken and traumatized I was, while trying to make a happy life for my little children. But that was not the book I wanted, nor was there enough light to dig further, so I gave up.

Instead I turned on the computer and decided to Google myself. You should try it sometime..it is interesting. I tried all derivations of my name, but the only ones that had any decent stuff was the ones I have been using as my online names -- Patti or as P.A. Gibbons. It has been a long time since I was Patty (with a Y--- I got bored of it so I changed it some years back) and even longer since I was Pat. There were snippets all over the Internet about me, and no, I am not Patti Gibbons the animal trainer, the florist, the baker, OR the religions Patti Gibbons! I am the ARTIST and BLOGGER Patti Gibbons. Now if you type THAT into Google, I take up a good percentage of the very first pages.

Be careful what you sign your name to...postings that I made other people's blogs showed up too, as well as other articles and quotes that popped up on the 10 or so pages that I checked out. Then I checked Images..yep, several of my artwork and of me popped up. And then I went to the MORE tab on Google and found even more things in odd places. Fortunately, no images of me OR my work showed up when I typed in Pootie, but what I found give me a chuckle!

So, on those evenings where you don't want to do much except mindless things, go google yourself. It can be very entertaining--and, for a brief amount of time, you can be a legend in your own mind.

xxpatti o fame


Judy Vars said…
and it feels good to

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