The Berry Patch

Larry and I went to the memorial yesterday. It was a beautiful celebration of Gary's life, and it was also the place where I finally let the tears flow, to the point where I could not turn them off.

I don't cry much, at times I might be called stoic. I know where that comes from--as a child I was stripped and beaten with a belt and I would swear that I would NOT let my father see my cry. I stuffed the anger and the shame by doing things to hurt myself. I am over that now, but I still find it difficult to cry.

On the way home I stopped to drop off some cards to my friend who had bought some Valentine cards from Etsy. She has a shop in Shokan on Route 28, the wonderful old building called THE BERRY PATCH.

I have driven past it 100's of times and never stopped in.

Well, what a treasure. Thousands of square feet of the most wonderful gifts. Candles, ornaments, angels, fairies, handmade beaded jewelry that is amazing, by Sherry, writing paper and inks/pens, candles, peace cranes, and SO much more.

If you are driving down 28, be SURE to stop in to the wonderful lavender building on the left as you head towards Kingston. It is after Winchells Corners. Heading from Kingston, it is on the right and before Winchells corners. Support local business and find something unique for just about anyone in your life. I now will add her to the stores that I frequent to buy my gifts.

As a gift Sherry gave me a fabulous soy lavender candle by Mangiacotti Florals.
Richly scented, in a frosted glass jar, complete with a container with a lid with a pewter top to store the candle to keep it dust free when not in use. She gave it to me to light in his memory. I will put his picture nearby and think of him whenever I light it. She also gave me a peace crane. How lucky I am to have met such a wonderful soul.

Today I am in the studio for the most part, and sadly taking down the tree. I have to start decorating for valentines day, so I will leave some of the garlands and replace the Christmas things with hearts and valentines from my collection.

Patti O Celebration......


tangled stitch said…
Sounds like a lovely shop if I'm ever down that way will be sure to go. I love love love lavender candles. You've inspired me to go light one!
Anonymous said…
When I lived in Germany, I used to find little shops like that all over. Here, it's like pulling teeth. You have to go to "revitalized downtown" areas to find those neat places.

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