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I have been having endless conversations in my head, and a few with my therapist about being able to sell art. I do it for the love of it, but isn't there a book that says do what you love and the money will follow?

I'm still waiting.

The problem is I what I make fits into a small niche market. VERY SMALL. Not many people buy cards these days, especially BLANK cards because that means that they have to actually write. Then to top it off, they contain Victorian images, and a majority of Americans have no clue about what they are nor care if what I make contains the original pieces, not reprints or copies. Then there is my twisted sense of humor. Once I heard a woman walk by my art and say "I don't get this".Bada bing.

My mixed media pieces are very cool, but Larry keeps reminding me that people like to buy PAINTINGS. And I have a hard time fitting in time to paint, as I need more than an hour or two here and there to do it. It requires a commitment of several hours at a pop, something difficult to do after school when I am burnt.

I think that the universe it telling me to slow down on the cards. I will do them for shows, the few shops that I sell to, and my client, and will move to creating more fine art pieces, whether it be mixed media or painting. It is time for a change.

Of course the cards I am listing on Ebay which I am unveiling tonight, are still niche market material. But it is a little piece of art, and people look at art differently that a card perhaps. And, maybe they are just warm ups to bigger and better. (and starting bid is only 4.99!!)

Patti O Art Sale


annie kelleher said…
maybe you should start framing your cards and sell them as small art. i mean, that's what i would do if i ever get to see one of your pieces in the flesh, so to speak - it's hard for me to buy art from an image - i have to see it in person - i know it sounds odd - but maybe if you sold your cards in little frames... people would then see they could either send them to someone, or keep them - cause if i bought one of your pieces, i know i wouldnt send it to anyone, id frame it and hang it in ... say ... my new bathroom :).

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