The Meaning of Life

I had this great blog percolating in my head, and I had a great session planned out in therapy - about the meaning of life, and the wonder and greatness of it all. I thought I had it all figured out. Then POOF, Peg played the devil's advocate, and twisted it all, just a little bit.

She knew I was strong enough to face the challenge. And she pointed out, things don't have to be ruined or put on hold, it is how we approach things in our head and in our heart that makes the difference.

But back to my original thoughts.

I have been pretty stable for the most part. Health of family stable (well, not really, but nothing critical). When life is stable, I am able to dig deep and think hard about life. Not my life necessarily, but life in general.

I think about our purpose in life. I believe we are put here on this earth given certain gifts. For me it is the ability to work with young people through my teaching, to love others to the best of my ability, make and share my art, and help others by teaching them one of the 10,000 odd things that I know.I have been able to let go of the things that have enslaved my ability to love myself and love what I do, and to love others.

So what, you may be wondering, happened?

As most of you know, my daughter is ill. She is in remission currently from a serious cancer, and is now awaiting the verdict on some other tests which might point to some pretty advanced lupus.

At 24, the poor girl has suffered so much. A war in Iraq, chemo and radiation, deteriorating cartilage in her back and hips. Severe pain, and other issues which I won't elaborate on.

Peg wanted to know (and I can see why she asked me at a time when I was well grounded) if I was ready to really be there for my daughter and her 2 little children, as she does not have the best chance for a long and healthy life.

It took me for a loop, but instinctively I knew the answer.

Of course.

She wanted me to understand that I have the strength within myself to be level headed, giving, yet still have a life. She talked about the law of attraction (in the positive sense) and how I can still have it all, even if the world seems like it is falling apart. She is a brilliant woman, and in spite of my being the rock-of-Gibraltar, she knows my Achilles heel well.

So in summary (as it is late and I don't have much energy left), the meaning of life is not only realizing and practicing our strengths, but knowing our weaknesses, and being able to deal with them.

Such food for thought.

Patti O Ground....


Patti, my heart is with you. I pray for your strength as well as your daughter's. I pray for her light to shine fierce and kick what she doesn't need out of her body and her life.

I can't even know what you are going through.


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