A Perfect President's Day

Today was MY day to cater to myself, and shut out the world, except when I wanted to be part of it.

I joined Twitter, though I am not sure what the point of it all is quite yet. What I have discovered is that places like Twitter, Facebook, and yes, probably even Blogger, have the rights to anything you publish on their sites.

Yep, you read it right. I have to do more research and see if any of these sites have ever USED any one's writing or images, but it makes you realize how as artists we need to read all the fine print. So any art images from now on will be at low resolutions, and probably watermarked, so that they won't WANT my images. It makes the viewing less lovely for my readers, who I am sure are all honest people, but I don't want blogger stealing my artwork! I am not going to bother doing all of that for my photos, and I will keep writing, but it makes you realize how vulnerable we are to having our art taken without compensation.

I spent much time working in the studio, making cards, but also finishing up some art pieces left incomplete, one of which I posted here. It is a crummy shot, as I was having problems with glare and focus, but since it is for here, I really don't care all that much. And, since I got another delivery of gas for the studio today from a delightful delivery man I must add, the piece is indeed for sale!

I fit in a 45 minute workout on the elliptical at the gym, and after a hot shower went back to the studio. I met Annie/Loel at one of our favorite places for Thai food in our little city, the Kings Wok, which also makes Chinese AND Japanese, and all are equally good!

And here it is, almost the end of the day. It is quiet as Larry has had to work all day and into the evening. I will preheat the bed, and watch some TV or read. I am sitting here breathing the fragrance of the Stargazer Lilies that Larry gave me for V.D. along with my truffles, raspberry liquor, and silver bracelet. He is out of control and thinks he is King Midas. But I do enjoy them, and feel so decadent surround by such goodies, and count myself lucky to have a man who loves to shower me with gifts.

I am contemplating what to give up so that we have money in our budget to get a stem or two of lilies every week, as they are not only beautiful, but their heady spicy aroma fills the downstairs of my house, and even the most terrible of cat poop smells which occasionally emanate from the back bathroom are scarcely noticed.


Patti O Fragrance


I am so glad that you have a wonderful knight to hold your delicate hand in the preheated bed!!

Can I be a joykill for a moment? Careful with the pollen on the lillies - they are poisonous to humans and if the cat gets a hold of them, it could kill them. I only know this because someone gave me some for my bday last year and I freaked about all the falling pollen and checked it out online (kitty had a pollen streak on her coat). I got some for V-day too but pulled them out of the vase, leaving the carnations instead. My cat is not cool about leaving things alone. Maybe your guys will be much better about it!!! So I hope I didn't ruin the weekly flower - if not a tiger lilly, then perhaps something else. x0x0
annie kelleher said…
i love the scent of stargazers and fortunately dont have cats to worry about! sounds like you had a wonderful day... i find all the online community stuff bewildering and can only process a tiny amt at a time... im sure i will catch up with you on twitter one day!
Woodstock said…
See if you can get a discount for buying weekly or a discounted rate? Maybe a trade of some flowered themed postcards?

I'm probably tawkin out of my butt but oh well, that's where the noises that are making the most sense are coming out of right now...


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