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Tom has been working on my house...he was still here when I got home and we chatted for a bit before we both had to do other things. He is a faithful (I think) reader of my blog and was talking to my daughter online about where I was last night. "You mom must have had a bad day. She hasn't been online at all and she still hasn't written her blog". She agreed, and they wondered what was up.

I have had worse ones, but the days on end of cramps got to me and I hauled poor Annie out to Ugly Gus's for A drink. I had only a thimble of wine left in the house (I put a lot of it in the bean salad - and am still feeling the effects of from the day before). Needless to say, we met up with other people, and one hour turned to three, it being so easy to sip on our drinks and share stories and discuss our lives. Finally I realized that I had to get home to write and tidy up the house a bit before another day rolled around.

Back to today and Tom. He is running speaker wire through the walls of my kitchen so that we can put up a set of speakers that we had to buy. Now only a few feet away is the living room with FOUR speakers, but for some reason, we have to have them in the kitchen too. A little decadent considering I need other things done - I certainly hope that Larry plans on spending A LOT OF TIME IN THE KITCHEN (are you reading this Larry?!) to compensate for the cost and prioritizing it over other jobs NEEDING TO BE FINISHED or DONE. Ahem. Tomorrow starts some bathroom construction, phase 1. Phase 2 may require me to find a place to shower for a week......

After Tom left, I decided to head out and do some errands. The sun was starting to sink low into the late afternoon sky, and since I had my camera with me, I headed to the mall, where the best part of the box store construction site is the view of the Catskills from the parking lot. I parked the car, turned up the music, and listened to some lesbian folk singer crooning about love and women. It's all good by me, love is love is love and I don't particularly care who's doing who, as long as it sounds good. I put the window down, and took some shots from the window and watched the sun set. 47 degrees, and I pretended I was in some exotic place, and flashed back to my nude flying dream from the night before.

A trip to Barnes and Nobles, where I went to renew my membership and pick up a Rodney Yee DVD on a series of 15 minute yoga exercises. If Larry can do it, so can I. At check out the clerk informs me that my husband already renewed the discount card. Hmmm...I think. The mortgage might not get paid, nor the taxes done by him, but he has it together to keep the card renewed?! I know where HIS priorities are, and I mumble something about there could be worse addictions in life.

I was hungry and then did the unspeakable. I went to McDonalds for a 3.00 dinner, and savored all the MSG and fake flavors in a carnivorous chow down.

As I sit here and type the phone has rung. It is Annie; time to go make the cake for our student for tomorrow. Here I am, going out at 8pm, wine and chips in hand off to make a cheesecake.

Oh and yes, and spring is in the air.

Patti O Observer


annie kelleher said…
spring IS in the air and it feels so good!!!

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