The Week in Review: movies and music

Amazingly I got to the movies TWICE this week!

I love love love going to the movies, but never seem to have the time to do so. I have a tough time watching movies at home too, as I usually head up to bed too late to make it through an entire movie.

The last two movies I have rented were bombs...or else it was too late to wrap my head around them. TITUS was WAYYYY too much work to watch after an incredibly long day, and THE QUEEN put me to sleep. I have not given up on the movie, and am hoping that it's slow pace was again, just too much for me to deal with at 11 PM.

I went with a friend to see TAKEN. It was not a movie I would normally put on my "to see" list, but there was nothing else that I was interested in that was showing at the time my friend and I went. Besides, I figured, with Liam Neeson headlining, how bad can it be?

What was bad was the cup of coffee I had before the movie. It should have been something sedating. Instead I sat on the edge of my seat rocking, chewing on my hands (I could not afford the popcorn) the entire movie. It was a fast-paced action movie, with an uncomfortable story line.

I am not a fan of action movies with car chase scenes, crashes, shooting, kicking, blowing things up etc. I think most of it is garbage, and I shake my head at all the violence that is portrayed on film, especially when most of it is gratuitous and senseless. And people wonder why this culture has become so violent as they stand in line buying tickets to the movies that shamelessly promote it.

This was borderline, its saving grace being filmed in France, with a moderately decent story line, and starring Liam. Did you know that he was once a fork lift operator for Guinness Beer, and starred in one of my favorite films, The Mission? (more on that later) HOWEVER it fulfilled my action movie quota for the year....

The next movie was Slumdog Millionaire, a winner of a film,(far better than Benjamin Button) and actually, in spite of the difficult and often violent story line, was an excellent movie for Valentine's Day. Filmed in India, some of it on hand held video cameras, it was a fast paced two hour saga. Boy from the slums of Mumbai ends up on a show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" He is arrested for cheating, and you learn through his interrogation, and explanation of how he knows the answers, his painful past. Well acted, disturbing, riveting, and beautifully filmed, I give this two thumbs up. The ending is joyful, and they do a catchy dance scene in the end, which was a bit outlandish and out of character with the movie, but portrayed the ultimate joy of the ending. (sort of like that final scene in PERFUME!)

I rushed immediately to buy the CD of the soundtrack, something I usually don't do. I think many of my friends also did too. Written by A.R. Rahman with some vocals by M.I.A., it is great "liquid dance" music. In fact, at Karen's girl party last week, she had it cranked up, and it was surely a hip mover.

I am freezing in this back room, and must head to bed which Larry has heated up.I am behind on reading blogs, and since I have tomorrow off, will catch up on that, as well as hopefully get into my studio!

Patti O Reviewer

PS 1800's tintype of FRANK CLARK who is looking for a home. He can be found on Ebay, seller ID Catskillpaper.


annie kelleher said…
ive heard such wonderful things about slumbdog millionaire i guess i'll have to rent it :). i hardly ever go to the movies any more, alas... its a habit i got out of when the kids were small and numerous and taking them to the movies was turning into a 100$ trip...
I did get to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button the other night. I do like some action films but am really selective on it - like the Bourne movies are awesome.

I don't do the popcorn either. I BYOF.
BTW - I really like Frank.
Meg said…
did you hear that liam neeson's wife just died?! skiing accident :(

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