60 degrees of roof separation

I woke up this morning after a series of nightmares quite disturbed. The first one made me want to hurt Larry. I hate those dreams where one's spouse or lover does things to you in your dream that make you so mad that you want to hurt them either in your sleep, or when you wake up. One night I had such an evil dream that I bit Larry in my sleep I am embarrassed to say. That was a definite "WTF!" response on his end.

Then there was the dream of my swimming with my granddaughter in an pool of dead sea creatures. Rotten giant squid and jelly fish come to mind, and huge fish, like sturgeon, were swimming threateningly beneath our feet. At one point Alanna and I went under, and all I knew was that I had to get her out of there. Two intertpretations are that it is the symbol of dying fertility (duh) or that it symbolizes the loss of wealth through some disaster. Is that what happens after you watch hours of CNN and its discussions about the stimulus package? (FYI, the only stimulus package I have faith in is my husband's).

It was another hellish day at work, where I was threatened by a student. Something's gotta give here. It is a very sad commentary on today's youth, and their value of education, and respect for others. But today, instead of my climbing under the covers, I headed to Rhinebeck to visit my mom in the nursing home, and since it was 60 degrees, I put the top down on the car. It was a wonderfully soothing ride, feeling cool blasts of air seep into the car as I cruised by banks of snow. I bought her a card that I made for Valentine's Day...she was sooo happy. Then a light dinner and good conversation with a friend, and I stopped by another friend's house before the final destination of home. (THANK GOD FOR FRIENDS---LOVE YOU ALL.)

So with that, I am heading to bed, hoping I dream of more pleasant things!

Patti O Dream Catcher


annie kelleher said…
wow that one with alanna would've freaked me out for sure!!! hope your dreams were sweeter last night! and wasn't that taste of spring yesterday delicious? hope you take good care at school... wear your combat gear! xoxox.... annie
Judy Vars said…
Dear Patti,
Out dream life has much to tell us sometimes if we think about it the interperations are fairly obvious. Perhaps we even blow off steam in our sleep. I hope it dosen't sound glib but Keep the Faith.

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