My love for Olana runs deep.

I wish I could remember the first time I visited it; it was probably at a time that I choose not to remember, like when I was raising two kids alone, working, and going to graduate school.

But I am a sucker for romance, landscapes, Victorian painting, and exotic architecture, so I fell in love at first sight.

I have made several paintings and numerous sketches of the site and landscape, and photographed it many times, during different hours and during all four seasons. I have been married there on the autumnal equinox at sunset. I have embellished my house with decorative objects that I have bought in the gift shop. I have sipped on wine and watched the sun set over the Hudson. I have heard the crunch of snow and ice, and felt the suction of mud on my boots on a late winter day. I have watched the sun reflect the windows at sunset, and witnessed the house turn a liquid gold on a hot summer day. I fantasize about living in the house and painting the landscape from the view in Church's studio. But I am sure I can't, so the photos document what I love oh so much.

patti o romance-of-the-Catskills

Top photo is one of my paintings, other photos taken over various visits.


annie kelleher said…
wow. thats gorgeous. and look... im back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow... the word verification is mater... latin for mother... patti o'progeny..... :)))

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